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Why Choose Hydrojetting Services For Your Home

You probably already know that it is time to call a plumber when water is leaving your drains slowly or toilets are overflowing. Losing water pressure over a period of time is another good indicator that something in your plumbing might not be right.

If you’re noticing these three signs occurring around the same time, there is a good chance that you are in need of drain cleaning services. While there may be other solutions to slow drains, low water pressure, and overflowing toilets, they are often only short-term answers or can potentially cost you in the long run. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is your trusted source for all your drain cleaning answers!

Hydrojetting & Our Recommendation

“whathydrojetting”As plumbing professionals, we are familiar with all types of solutions to plumbing problems. We are also familiar with the incorrect options that cause more damage than they do good.

With this said, hydro jetting is our preferred answer to recurring drain blockages. Hydrojetting is a process that uses water at high pressures and high temperatures to blast away any debris and buildup found in your drains.

Because water is the only fluid used, it is completely safe for your plumbing, the environment, and most importantly, your family. As a plumbing company, we would be remiss in failing to mention snaking your drains. While this is a great option for some situations, a drain snake can only successfully be used for clogs that are in reach.

Also, snaking a drain only removes the current blockage and does not account for any hard water buildup or biofilm in your pipes. Because it leaves these substances in your pipes, clogs will have an easier time forming in the near future. Another option many people turn to is store-bought drain cleaner. While these chemicals are sold in stores and deemed ‘safe,’ they are actually far from it. Drain cleaners contain a high concentration of a chemical called lye.

Lye has been used for years in soaps and detergents but was typically less potent. This chemical can be an irritant, burn eyes, skin, and lungs, and can damage your pipes. In addition, it isn’t good for the environment and does not take care of the buildup so often found in drains. Similar to snaking a drain, the leftover buildup leaves you vulnerable to future clogs.

Costs of Clearing Clogs

“costshydrojetting”Although hydro jetting is technically more expensive than choosing to have drains snaked or using store-bought cleaner, you might be surprised to find out the real cost.

Hydro jetting services can range from $150-500, but this number is truly dependent on the severity of the clog as well as the types of drains being cleaned. Over time, you will find that this cost is well worth the lasting results. Consider regular hydro jetting as a form of home maintenance to cut costs even further.

Making The Right Call

“callhydrojetting”The best call you can ever make in regards to your drains is to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

From arriving on time, using straightforward pricing, respecting local ordinances, to ensuring your home is as clean as it was when we began, our focus is on YOU.

It comes down to great customer service and it is something that we take great pride in. If you are ready to restore water pressure, proper drainage, and stop those overflowing toilets, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today!