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Choosing The Right Well Pump Option For Your Home



Spring is coming and everyone loves what comes with it. Warmer weather, beautiful new flowers blooming, and your light rainstorms. While all that rain can surely be relaxing and set the tone for some springtime romance, it can also have a much less romantic effect on your home.

Those rainstorms could spell disaster, but with so many sump pump options, including shallow, deep, and submersible well pumps, how can you make the decision making the process easier?

With the right information, you can make the best choice for your home – with the same confidence you bring to choosing flowers for that special someone.

Small Wells Benefit From Shallow Well Jet Pumps

whatisShallow well jet pumps are ideal for wells that 25-feet deep or less. They often work using a booster to offer improved delivery of water, along with stronger water pressure at your pipes.

The main advantage of this kind of pump is that it doesn’t utilize much power and offers effortless performance, making it one of the more reliable pumps you can get for your well.

You can expect a long lifespan from a shallow well pump, making it a good choice for homeowners looking for long-lasting performance for one affordable investment. The main disadvantage of this pump, however, is its limited power. If you have a deeper well on your property, it may not be strong enough to keep your water supply consistent.

When to Choose a Deep Well Jet Pump

idealjetpumpPerfect for homes that have wells with depths anywhere from 25 to 110 feet down, deep well jet pumps are an ideal choice for many.

Deep well jet pumps are significantly more powerful than the previously mentioned pump, requiring more energy to operate.

These systems sometimes work with a two-pipe system, one of which is used to pull water towards your home, while the other keeps the jets running.

Deep well jet pumps are durable but do require more upkeep, as they often have more moving parts to pull water from deeper wells. With regular well pump care, however, you could have consistent and reliable water flow in no time!

How Deep Well Submersible Pumps Work

submersiblepumpAs the name suggests, these pumps get installed inside the well itself. Oftentimes they work for many homeowners, as these pumps can be utilized for shallow or deep wells. The major difference is that submersible pumps push water up and out of the well instead of suctioning it out.

This allows them to remain reliable, while still cutting down on energy usage. They also require regular maintenance and care to avoid contaminating your water supply in any way, since they’re installed below the water line.

Spring is a wonderful time of year where you get to enjoy the outdoors. The last thing you want to worry about is the plumbing inside your home, which is why finding the right well pump for your home is so essential.

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