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Don’t Forget to Add Drain Cleaning to Your List of New Year’s Resolutions

New Pipes

2018 is just around the corner. Do you have plans yet on how you are going to make it the best that you can? If you are in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions, there is something else that you should make sure to add to the list this year.

As a homeowner, you are always trying to think of ways to take care of your home and to cut operating costs. Did you know that getting your drains cleaned professionally will help you on both fronts? If you aren’t aware of the benefits of drain cleaning, here is a breakdown of what you can expect when you start doing this on a regular basis.

Save Money on Your Water Bills

Save MoneyDo you know what the source is of most of the water waste in your home? Water leaks. Wasted water means wasted money.

If you are in the habit of using commercial drain cleaners when you’ve got a sluggish drain, you are causing damage.

The toxins in those cleaners will bind to the walls of the drain and corrode the pipes. If you do a professional drain cleaning once a year or so instead, you won’t need to rely on those harsh cleaners. When your drains and pipes corrode, it can be very costly to get repaired. You may even have to replace the plumbing altogether.

Reduce Clogs

Clogged PipeGrime, soap, hair, grease and food residue gather in your drains over time, inevitably. As the months go on, this residue bands together to form clogs.

Regular drain cleaning removes this residue and keeps it manageable, which means that drains are quick to clear.

It’s much easier to do this small step to keep drains clear, rather than having to unclog a drain after the fact.

No Squeaky/Cracking Noises

Unwanted NoiseHave you been hearing cracking or squeaking noises coming from your drain pipes? This can be caused by vent gases or by buildup of residue in the drains.

As the pressure of the water flows through, a squeaking or cracking, sound will occur. A thorough drain cleaning will take care of that!

New Year, Clean Drains

The cleanliness of your drains isn’t just limited to the plumbing. Getting your drains nice and fresh will give your whole home a makeover. No more musty odors coming from dirty drains. Bacteria and germs will be greatly reduced.

The risk of mold growth from back flowing drains decreases too. Have fun celebrating New Year’s in Northfield, MN, but don’t forget to book your drain cleaning appointment!