Premium Northfield Drain Cleaning Services

Are you noticing slow-draining sinks and tubs in your home? Does your drain smell bad? Clogged and dirty drains can be a serious issue for Northfield, MN homeowners. A clogged drain can cause a snowball effect of problems throughout the home.

The solution to this recurring issue is professional drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we specialize in expert drain cleaning services that are safe and effective. Unlike other methods, which damage the pipes, we use a method that is completely safe and reliable.

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

There are many signs in the home that point to clogged and dirty drains. It’s important to learn how to recognize these signs so you can act fast and book a professional drain cleaning appointment. Some of the most common signs that your drains are in trouble include:

  • Slow-draining water in the sink or tub.
  • Foul smells coming from the drains.
  • Trouble flushing the toilet.
  • Waiting longer than usual for the toilet to refill after flushing.
  • Standing water in the sink or tub.

Any number of these signs point to a drain problem in your home. Call us right away for fast and effective drain cleaning.

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Why Choose Professional Drain and Sewer Cleaning?

Over the years, your drains become clogged with debris from daily life. Things like hair, chunks of food, grease, oil, and sediment from minerals collect in the drain and create a blockage. Many homeowners choose to deal with these blockages by purchasing a bottle of store-bought chemical drain cleaner. This may seem like the affordable and most effective option, but, did you know that chemical drain cleaners actually severely damage the pipes?

Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the clog and continue to work by corroding the pipes. This creates weak spots that are prone to rupture and actually attract more clogs in the long run.

We recommend professional drain cleaning on an annual or bi-annual basis to keep your drains healthy. Not only is this service completely safe and effective for removing clogs, but it also helps improve the overall longevity and health of your plumbing system.

Keep your Northfield, MN residential drains running smoothly with professional drain and sewer cleaning services. Call us today at 507-645-4037 to get a quote and schedule your next drain cleaning appointment.