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Even Presidents Deal With Clogged Pipes



Presidents day just passed, and the president surely had a big celebration with friends and family members to enjoy the special occasion. With major celebrations, those big family meals are common and there’s much cooking to be done.

With all that cooking going on its vital to try and remember some important kitchen maintenance and care tips, even though it’s difficult to keep such trivialities in mind.

However, those simple adjustments can help keep your home in the best shape possible! Below are just a few recommendations to help keep your kitchen from having problems (such as clogged pipes) on your next celebration.

Dispose of Fats & Oils Properly For Clog Prevention

clogpreventionIn the heat of cooking, it’s easy to overlook something you might not normally do.

Whether you’re preparing a big roast, making some burgers or sizzling up some bacon, there’s going to be fat that needs disposing of.

It’s easy to toss it down the drain without thinking about it, don’t do that! Instead, dispose of them in the garbage, in a spare can, or anywhere else that you have available.

The minute you send fats and oils down the drain, they’ll begin to harden up and lead to a serious clog. Figuring out a better way to toss these substances is step one for clog prevention when cooking.

A Garbage Disposal Can Simplify Food Disposal

fooddisposalDuring big parties, who has time to watch all the guests and make sure they’re disposing of their food the proper way?

Even after cleaning up during and after a party, it’s common to still find food tossed in the sink.

Food disposal can be a pretty big issue if that food ends up clogging up your sink, leaving you with a clog to clear away or a call to make to the local plumber.

If you throw parties frequently, and you’ve had this issue, consider adding in a garbage disposal to your drain. It’s a nice quality of life upgrade and makes disposing of food faster and easier. Not to mention that it can help avoid clog issues!

Invest in Drain Cleaning For a More Functional Kitchen

daincleaningIf you’ve got water draining slowly, or you’ve been having issues with one of the drains in your home, you might need to invest in a drain cleaning service.

Drain cleaning can help remove all the gunk from your plumbing so water flows quickly again and serious clogs are much less likely to occur.

A professional drain cleaning is performed by a long drain snake that spins and scrubs off grime as it travels down your drain. Hydro-jetting is another tool used for some drain cleaning activities on occasion.

It’s a powerful water jet that’s sent down the drain to pressure wash the grime away and will leave your pipes sparkling clean. No matter how the cleaning is performed, clean drains make it easier to enjoy your time with loved ones, without worrying about something as annoying as a drain clogging.

President’s day is a time to celebrate the leaders of our country and a time to visit with family and loved ones. And with these easy plumbing tips, you can enjoy that time with one less thing to worry about as you finish out that big spread. Please share the tips found in this article and you might save your family from having similar problems at their next function.