Effective Northfield Iron Filtration Water Treatment Services

Many Northfield, MN homeowners have issues with iron in their water supply. You will notice an orange staining on your fixtures, clothes and hair. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we specialize in iron filtration techniques to reduce the appearance and effects of iron and/or sulfur in the water.

We will assess your personal situation and make recommendations based on your personal needs. Whether your plumbing system needs treatment for iron, we can devise a high-quality plan for you.

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iron filtration water treatment services

Signs You Need an Iron Water Filter

Residential iron problems are often caused by iron bacteria in the well. This is not typically a health hazard, although it does present an issue because once the iron leaves your faucet, it oxidizes and stains your fixtures, sinks, tubs, and laundry.

Some other signs that you need an iron water filter in your home include:

  • Bad tasting water.
  • Orange stains on the tub or sink.
  • Orange stains on clothes coming out of the laundry.
  • Clogged pipes, faucets, or valves.

Our units use a chemical free air induction filter to clean the water without harmful chemicals. This makes them unique and efficient in managing heavy iron and sulfur in your water. If you notice any staining or foul tasting water, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away for a swift resolution.

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If you notice iron problems in your home's water supply, contact us for a comprehensive assessment and solution. Call 507-645-4037 for fast and reliable iron filtration system service in Northfield, MN today.