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Plumbing Tips to Keep Things Running Smoothly This 4th of July



When you’re preparing for this year’s 4th of July celebrations there’s a lot to consider: food and drinks, fireworks, your guest attendance; but, did you stop to think about your home’s plumbing?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is taking your home’s systems for granted, especially when you have people coming over; a small problem can turn into a big plumbing disaster relatively quickly.

In this article, we’ll discuss some plumbing tips to help keep everything from your kitchen sink to your toilets free and clear of clogs and flooding.

Avoid a Grease Problem with Your Kitchen Sink

kitchensinkWhen you have a party or get-together, there will be more people around utilizing your plumbing; your kitchen sink being in one of the most common areas for gathering is definitely subject to more use.

Because of this increase, it’s important to take certain steps to ensure it is protected from misuse and potential issues being caused. One of the most important preventative measures you can take is ensuring harmful grease isn’t disposed of improperly in your sink.

Reducing the amount of grease going down the drain is important because it can cause a layer of scum to build up in your septic tank or at the local water treatment center. Avoid this problem by installing a grease trap in your sink’s drain system.

Don’t Let a Toilet Clog Ruin Your Party

toiletclogClogged toilets are probably one of the most common household problems. Not only can a stopped-up toilet cause an embarrassing situation and hassle for you and your guests, but it can also cause larger problems and potential flooding if not handled quickly and correctly.

Before your get-together, make sure each bathroom is well-equipped for bathroom emergencies by placing a plunger by each toilet. You and your guests will be glad you did!

Know Where the Shutoff Valve is

shutoffvalveIf things go wrong and you find yourself dealing with a large leak or flooding problem, it’s important to know where the shutoff valve is to keep a problem from turning into a larger disaster and damage to your home.

If your water is run off city lines, then your shutoff valve will usually be in your front yard near the street or sidewalk underneath a metal cover; simply remove the cover and turn off the side that is intended for homeowner use.

If you get your water supply from well water, you’ll need to locate your pressure tank to shut off the water from being pumped into your home. If you cannot locate the tank or access it quickly enough, you can alternately turn off the pump via your electrical panel. With both methods, you’ll need to wait until the pressure lowers in the water tank.

Before your 4th of July get-together, call us for a service appointment to make sure everything is in working order. Our technicians are also available for any of your urgent needs if disaster strikes. We’re just a call away! Happy 4th of July!