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Participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month This October

Learn More About Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose of this international celebration is to raise awareness about the disease and to raise money to support research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the development of a cure. The vision is that events throughout the month will provide support to those impacted by the disease and will also help educate others about it.

Increased awareness of breast cancer leads to more early screening and early detection. The efforts made by millions around the world play an important part in supporting the fight against breast cancer. There are many ways to join the celebrations this October and to support this worthy cause.

Start by Wearing a Pink Ribbon

pink ribbonThe pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer, and wearing it shows support for the cause. It’s a simple way to show both survivors and those currently fighting breast cancer that they have the support of their community.

Further, it’s an easy way to raise awareness about the disease, which in turn helps to raise money and support efforts for early detection.

Equally powerful, the pink ribbon has come to symbolize empowerment, health, and vitality for many. It’s a powerful symbol that shows strength and support, so plan to wear a pink ribbon during October.

Wear Pink Day is October 18th

Another easy way to join in the efforts this October is by participating in wear it pink day. Individuals around the world are encouraged to wear pink on October 18th in support of breast cancer.

wear pink

Joining in this effort is a powerful way to show solidarity in this fight and to help draw attention to this important issue. Further, it’s a great way to show support for individuals in your community that have been impacted by breast cancer. So spread the word and plan to wear pink on October 18th.

Talk about the Early Medical Signs

medical signsAs discussed, one of the objectives of breast cancer awareness month is to support early detection. This not only involves self-exams and routine screening but also includes educating individuals about the disease and its early signs.

Some of the first signs of breast cancer are a lump in the breast tissue, changes in the skin on either breast, changes in the shape or size of either breast, nipple discharge, painful areas on the breast or a lump on the side of either breast.

Knowing and sharing these early signs is an important way to help with early detection!

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