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Northfield, MN homeowners use sump pumps to protect their basements from water damage during times of increased precipitation or excess water in the ground. These units must always be reliable and efficient.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers sump pumps, battery back up systems, and repair services to make sure your sump pump is always working effectively in your home. We also perform sump pump maintenance, which could mean the difference between a bone-dry basement or thousands of dollars worth of water damage in your home.

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How Does a Sump Pump Work?

For homes in areas that receive a lot of rain or are in low-lying locations with limited drainage, a sump pump is a vital part of the home. The excess water from around your home will flow into a sump basket located in your basement. The water that flows into the basket will raise a mechanism called a float, once the float rises to a certain point it will switch the pump on. At that point the water will pump out of the basket and out of your home.

Maintaining these units is of the utmost importance. If you only use your sump pump for emergencies, make sure you test it every now and then by pouring a bucket of water into the tank. If the pump triggers, your sump pump is working fine. However, if nothing happens, it may have seized and you should look for professional sump pump repair.

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Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

Our customers expect a certain level of professionalism and quality service when they call. We make sure our customers are always satisfied with the following unique features and benefits:

  • Clean: We always wear protective shoe coverings and make sure all messes are cleaned up before we leave, otherwise you don’t pay a penny for your service.
  • Straightforward Pricing:  Our pricing structure is simple and easy to understand. What you see is what you pay and all pricing must be approved by the customer before we start work.
  • Skilled Professionals: We’re committed to our industry. Our technicians apprentice with amazing master plumbers and we are committed to continued education with courses and extra training to stay relevant and current.

For all your sump pump repair and installation services in Northfield, MN, trust the experts that more homeowners choose on a daily basis. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 507-645-4037 today.