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What You Should Know About Water Softeners

Keeping up With Regular Water Softener Maintenance

One morning while turning on the kitchen faucet, you may barely see water streaming out at all. After some time, if this issue is ignored, then the dishwasher won’t properly clean any dishes and you’ll be dealing with clogged pipes and water stains around your fixtures. While it can seem like you’re dealing with an emergency, these problems may actually arise due to the presence of hard water.

Essentially, this is when there’s a high mineral content in your water, which can cause extensive problems throughout your plumbing system. Water softener services can help alleviate these nuisances and with routine water softener maintenance, will keep pipes, drains, and appliances running smoothly.

When Is the Right Time for Water Softener Services?

water softener servicesHard water is a threat to appliances, drains, and pipes anywhere in the home. Since hard water is full of minerals, these minerals pile up and slowly but surely damage every crevasse they encounter.

Although drinking hard water is not bad, it is not a reliable type of water that can keep homes running efficiently with little to no maintenance. Regularly scheduled water softener services can prevent drains and pipes from clogging up with hard minerals from the saltwater.

Water softener services are needed when surfaces like showers, bathtubs, and toilets begin to have lots of build-up or soap scum on them. This means that the water softener needs to be taken a look at since it is not doing its job. It’s important to reach out for water softener services when signs of pipes clogging or soap scum occur because this could lead to greater problems further ahead.

How Does Water Softener Salt Work?

Usually, water softener salt is composed of NaCl or sodium chloride, which helps break down the minerals present in the hard water. The water softener beads are added to the tank and combine with the hard calcium and magnesium molecules found in hard water. The hard water then is pushed out by the sodium chloride chemicals and the soft water flows freely out of the tank and into the rest of the home.

water softener salt

Water softening salt can usually be bought at any local hardware store or there are specialty water and plumbing stores that offer several softener salt options. It’s important to know how often your unit needs to be refilled so you can keep your water softener stocked and your home protected.

The Hard Water Cost and How to Avoid It

hard water costHard water does more damage than good, and it can result in spending more money down the road when ignoring the repercussions of hard water. Leaving behind minerals and scum, hard water can damage appliances and make them work less efficiently than with soft water.

The minerals that are deposited in pipes and on surfaces can end up causing permanent damage and end up costing more in the long run. Adding a water softener can quickly and efficiently help reduce and alleviate any future damages that can be done from hard water.

Calling a professional for a soft water system installation is the best way to ensure a reliable soft water source. Additionally, if you’ve been dealing with hard water for some time, it’s a good idea to have your pipes inspected to determine if there is any scale buildup in your system.

Trust a Local Plumbing Professional

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